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  1. Identification of aquatic plant

    Hi Anna! These were the two additional photographs that were sent to me. Phyllis was unable to identify it but she wanted me to pass along a milfoil power point that had been done. I've received no updates from the person who contacted us since sending that information.
  2. Update: Treatment Tracking

    Hi all, For those of you utilizing the MISIN treatment tracking, I wanted to let you know I've updated the both the Terrestrial and Aquatic treatment attributes. The attributes for the aquatic treatment polygons contain the same information that they did before, but now the attributes that are attached to the terrestrial treatments and were not asked for aquatic treatments have now been added. Also, for both terrestrial and aquatic treatments, there is now an attribute to select whether the treatment you are doing in initial or a retreatment. As a reminder, if you have added aquatic treatments already - feel free to go back to them and fill in the additional attributes. Also, please don't forget that even with aquatic treatments, please make sure you draw a site polygon first. If you have any questions or would like something added, please let me know. I have also gotten suggestions to add a GPS Coordinate box for recording the central point of the polygon (Lat/Long) for the treatment polygons.
  3. Hi everyone! We received a message through our Facebook page from a concerned citizen about the aquatic plant shown. She wants to know what this could be and if it is invasive. The location is Sugden Lake in Oakland County
  4. Volunteer Stewardship Workday - Belle Isle Park

    Our last stewardship Saturday of the year will be cutting invasive, non-native shrubs and stump treating them with herbicide to restore this special wet mesic flatwoods. Spotting invasive shrubs, which stay green longer than our natives, is easier this time of year so we can do a thorough job. Join us for our last stewardship Saturday of 2017! Meet on Woodside Drive at the trailhead parking area just north of the canal bridge on the left. From The Strand, pass the athletic fields and Vista Drive then turn left at the next road (there is a brick bathroom building at the corner). GPS coordinates: 42.340386, -82.968116
  5. until
    Help keep our Meadow Unit prairie remnants and adjacent oak woodlands beautiful and full of native plants. Join us as we cut and herbicide invasive shrubs like autumn olive, honeysuckle and buckthorn. We’ll focus on cutting the shrubs that are starting to encroach into the prairies and hope that the rest were set back by our prescribed fire in the spring. Meet at the Riverbend Picnic Area parking lot. GPS coordinates: 42.504968, -83.709577
  6. until
    The Graham Lake Fen Complex needs our help. Come cut glossy buckthorn and other invasive shrubs that threaten this unique ecosystem. Meet at the East Graham Boat Launch parking lot on the north side of Predmore Road in the park’s North Unit. GPS coordinates: 42.786267, -83.190904 ***Waterproof boots, either knee-high rubber boots or hip waders, are recommended for this site. Rubber boots are available to borrow, upon request; first come first served (please specify size).
  7. until
    Help us remove invasive shrubs from this neat prairie and oak barrens. We will be cutting small autumn olive and any other shrubs that don’t belong. Help us protect this site and the cool native plants that live here! Meet at the Halfmoon Lake entrance to help out. From North Territorial Road, take Hankerd Road north until you see the entrance on the left. GPS coordinates: 42.4140822,-83.9927
  8. Volunteer Stewardship Workday - Belle Isle Park

    Join us for an extra stewardship Saturday! We are hoping this workday will fall in the window when the invasive, non-native shrubs we want to get rid of are still green and the native trees and shrubs have already changed colors. This makes spotting our targets a lot easier and we can thoroughly cover larger areas! Removing these shrubs and herbiciding their stumps will help us restore the wet mesic flatwoods on the island. Meet on Woodside Drive at the trailhead parking area just north of the canal bridge on the left. From The Strand, pass the athletic fields and Vista Drive then turn left at the next road (there is a brick bathroom building at the corner). GPS coordinates: 42.340386, -82.968116
  9. until
    Join ongoing efforts to restore this area to an open grassland. Volunteers will be hauling and piling brush and stacking fire wood. Meet at the Barn Field Trial Area parking lot on the north side of Cooley Lake Road between Duck Lake and Beaumont Roads. GPS coordinates: 42.6105,-83.5857
  10. until
    Help collect seed from some of the later-blooming wildflowers like asters and goldenrods. Meet at the Dodge picnic area (approx. 15 minutes from the park entrance on Kensington Road) and hike about a half mile to get to the wildflower seed collection site. GPS coordinates: 42.50635,-83.7379
  11. until
    We will be searching for oriental bittersweet and invasive shrubs in the higher quality areas of McClure woods. Help us cut scattered, outlier invasives to keep them from taking over; the native flora and fauna will thank us. Please arrive on time so we can get a prompt start and cover a lot of ground. Meet at the park headquarters at 16345 McClure Road in Chelsea. GPS coordinates: 42.33298, -84.10672
  12. until
    Your help is needed to gather seed from native forbs and grasses! This is a great activity for families, students and others to learn about native species while taking part in the restoration process! All collected seed will be used in our on-going restoration efforts. No experience in plant identification or collection is necessary to enjoy this fun event! Meet at the park headquarters and we will caravan to the work location. GPS coordinates: 42.324901, -85.351755
  13. until
    Take part in the largest native prairie restoration in the state by helping collect local seed from wild forbs and grasses! We will collect native wildflower and grass seeds for restoration plantings. No experience in plant identification is required. Meet at the park headquarters and we will caravan to the work location. Please dress to be in an open prairie area, long pants and long sleeves are recommended. GPS coordinates: 42.324901, -85.351755
  14. until
    Join us for a fun native wildflower seed collection workday. It’s been several years since we collected seed at Meet at the Silo Field Trial Area parking lot on Livingston Road, between Pettibone Lake and Beaumont Roads. GPS coordinates: 42.638344, -83.595671
  15. until
    Help us restore lakeplain prairies and oak openings by removing invasive shrubs. We will cut and stack these plants that threaten to take over in these globally rare ecosystems. Meet at the small parking lot on the east side of Marsh Road, just south of Swartout Road (on the park’s west side). From the park headquarters on M-29, drive north, turn left onto Roberts Road, then turn left when Roberts Road dead ends at Marsh Road. GPS coordinates: 42.65924, -82.54635