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  1. Variegated Japanese knotweed

    Thanks Katie and Emily!
  2. I recently saw a variegated cultivar of Japanese knotweed for sale. The seller claims it is a is a clump former, not a runner and is not invasive. It is also supposed to have only male flowers and thus, produces no seeds. Does anyone have any experience with variegated knotweed? Should we be concerned about it as an invasive species? I also wanted to ask about the law in Michigan. The way I read it, all Fallopia japonica is prohibited, including cultivars, but I just wanted to verify that this variegated form is illegal to sell.
  3. eDNA

    I am interested in finding out more about using eDNA for a variety of aquatic invasive plants and animals. Does anyone have information about this? Are there existing labs where we could send water samples for analysis?