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  1. Innovative Technology: Water hyacinth

    And Florida wonders why it has problems...
  2. Rare or Endangered Species App similar to MISIN?

    In addition, it's something to be cautious about; rare plants can attract too many visitors, leading them to be "loved to death" or even vandalized. They're probably best off telling a local DNR office.
  3. Rare or Endangered Species App similar to MISIN?

    The closest thing I can think of would be iNaturalist, which seems to be taking the ecology world by storm; it's not official, though, like MISIN, just a tracking app.
  4. See our posting on MISC here: Or visit our website for the full job posting and application instructions
  5. The Invasive Species Seasonal Crew Leader and Crew Members (2) work with the Coordinator to implement the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant, which funds the position. Primary responsibilities working with partner organizations to control terrestrial invasive plants throughout the region, working with private land owners, and engaging volunteers. Pay: $10-12/hr (crew), $12-14/hr (leader) Deadline: 8am Monday, February 5 Visit ISN's website for application instructions and to view the full job postings.
  6. Interpretive signs for Japanese knotweed

    Ok, I uploaded two doorhanger options from ISN, both with big blank spots on the back to slap a sticker on with your CISMA's info. They're in the Downloads section devoted to knotweed, or here: Japanese knotweed Generic knotweed We don't currently have permanent signage developed, but a winter project is to get more of our outreach materials up in the Downloads section!
  7. Nursery Suggestions

    Thanks Fallon! If we're awarded the grant, we'll definitely be using this list.
  8. Luckily, there's not THAT MUCH bamboo statewide, but unfortunately that means not many of us have much experience with it. I'd say that guide from Clemson is pretty accurate (dig what you can, DON'T COMPOST, use herbicides), from what I know of bamboo issues, but perhaps @Phyllis Higman or @Drew Rayner have some other ideas, since we have the bamboo in West Michigan that we all saw at the field trip? Good luck, share what you learn!
  9. Treatment Contractors

    This thread is a good place to start:
  10. Identification help: Pokeweed / Knotweed

    Agree with CSK
  11. Nursery Suggestions

    ISN is working on a grant proposal to create a strategic plan for bringing our ground-breaking Go Beyond Beauty program state-wide, and we need input from businesses! We're currently working on getting the Michigan Nursery & Landscaper Association to come to the table, but it would be useful to have businesses from throughout the state interested. Could you help us out by suggesting some? Unsurprisingly, we have northwest lower Michigan covered, and I know of Van Atta's, Howe's, and Andy T's in mid-Michigan that I will be contacting. Where else should I go? Thanks in advance!