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    Report an Observation Through the Android app

    Claire Peterson
    • Open the Google Play store by tapping on the icon.
    • Search for MISIN, tap on the MISIN icon and then on the green Install button.
    • After successfully installing the app on your Android device, tap on the MISIN icon.
    • The app will start up and quickly display the main title page, followed by the Home page.
    • At the bottom of the screen, tap on the key icon that reads Account. If you are already registered with MISIN, fill in your username and password and tap on Sign-in. If you are not a registered user with MISIN, please tap on Register.
    • Once you tap on Register, Chrome will open on your device and the registration form will be displayed. Fill out the information required and tap Register at the bottom of the screen.
    • After completing the registration form, you will receive an automated welcome e-mail. This e-mail will display your username and password, along with a link. In order to activate your account, you must click on the link provided in the e-mail.
    • When you click the link, Chrome will open again and take you directly to the “Welcome to MISIN” page.
    • Once your account has been validated, return to the MISIN app.
    • Once the app has started and brought you to the Home screen, tap on the Account button at the bottom of the screen.
    • On the Account page you will type in your Username and Password on the left. Tap Sign-In and a pop-up window will appear that confirms a successful log in.
    • Tap on the Home button at the bottom left hand side of the app screen.
    • You will see in the center of the screen a section called Report. Select either plants or animals and tap on Go.
    • You will be brought to the list of available species to report broken down by habit.
    • To report, tap on the species from the list, this will open up the species information page. Tap the large red Report Presence button. Here, you will fill out the area of the infestation and the density of the infestation. You may also attach 2 photos and insert comments (200 char max) for your observation. Hit Save (in the top right corner) when you are finished
    • Once you have tapped Save you will get a pop up message confirming the saving of the record. Tap okay if you are ready to save the observation or cancel if you would like to make changes.
    • Once you have completed recording your observations, return to the home page by tapping on the back arrow on the bottom left of the screen. Once you are at the home page, tap on Send Data to send your data to the MISIN database.
    • A pop up window will appear that will allow you to manage your data, Keep the observations for later, or send your observations to the MISIN database. When you select Manage, this will allow you to delete your observation, add or delete photos, or change the area and density of the report. By selecting Send, you will see Send Data text in the red button fade. It will then say Connecting followed by Sending. A window will appear that says “Successful Submission”
    • Your account information will be stored and you will remain logged in even after exiting the app (unless you have completely closed down the app by pressing the button that looks like two window overlapped and slide the window to the left.

    Edited by Claire Peterson

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