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  1. Anna Weis

    Identification of aquatic plant

    Really hard to tell from the picture - it could be several things. A good close up picture of the number of leaves whorled around the stem would be super helpful, & we might be able to make a positive ID here. Here's a link to a helpful little book called "A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats for Michigan". They can read the book on-line, and it has good descriptions. http://mnfi.anr.msu.edu/invasive-species/AquaticsFieldGuide.pdf Another helpful link below...goes to state of Michigan website with invasive species profiles. http://www.michigan.gov/invasives/0,5664,7-324-68002---,00.html Unfortunately, the natives look very similar to the invasive species, so they really should collect a sample for positive ID. ~Anna
  2. Hi all, We've started an inventory of invasive species boat launch signage. This is a partial inventory, and we are asking for the help of others to aid in its completion. If you happen to find yourself at a boat/canoe launch or walk-in access (for fishermen, tubers, swimming, etc.) within our CISMA, take a couple pictures of the signs - or lack there of - and the launch site itself. Our CISMA covers Mecosta, Osceola, Lake, Mason, Wexford, & Missaukee counties. Thank you! ~Anna Boat Launch Sign Inventory 103117.xlsx