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  1. I was going to suggest PCG too. NAISMA has some free access stuff.
  2. I have a student group assessing a portion of the North Country Trail for invasive species. One of them is doing insects and disease and would like to include HWA as a future risk. Is there an updated map showing the current locations of HWA in Michigan and, ideally, Wisconsin? The only map I can find online has up to 2017 points. Thanks and Happy Holidays, Sigrid
  3. We've been managing one area of poison hemlock at Quincy Mine dry house ruins for several years. We pull the PH out by it's taproot and bag it. We are now down to several hundred small stems that fit in one large contractor bag. If left, it was heading to be a monoculture-like infestation. I visited an area west of Denver in the foothills this summer and saw crazy infestations of PH, which a friend of mine eliminated from his yard by annual pulling, so yes I have seen them outcompeting natives but on drier, upland sites. And annual manual control works well. Cheers, Sigrid
  4. If you wanted to try a chemical free approach, I can share how I am managing it. But it is a work in progress, so no conclusive results...yet.
  5. Hi All, I have a partner who wants to put up a boot brush station, and I'm wondering if there is any recommendations for purchasing pre-built stations, or designs for making them. Also, are there any signs that people have already made that KISMA could modify and use for the boot brush area? Thank you in advance for time and thoughts. Hope everybody's summer is going well. Cheers, Sigrid
  6. Thank you, Jennifer, for the info. page and recommendation for monitoring it--good advice!
  7. Does any one know what this grass is? These are photos from 2016. The grass is growing in Baraga in the UP. Suggestions of Japanese silver grass and phragmites have been provided, but I'm hoping for a positive ID. Thank you for any help any of you can provide... Cheers, Sigrid
  8. Seems to be working, Claire. I got an email early Monday morning.
  9. thanks for posting these!--Best, Sigrid
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