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  1. Hello everyone. Both the Huron Coastal and the Huron Heartland ISNs are looking for seasonal crew members. Please go to https://huronpines.org/ to see the full position descriptions, benefits, and application instructions. Here is a summary of the positions: Approximately 85% field work, 10% office work, 5% education/outreach Collaborate with staff, AmeriCorps members, outside agencies, volunteers, and landowners to locate and control invasive species through chemical and physical removal techniques and vegetative surveys Conduct native plantings and seed collections to enhance native ecosystems Conduct habitat improvement projects for priority species of flora and fauna Participate in training events administered by Huron Pines staff and partners Ensure safe and responsible operation and decontamination of Huron Pines equipment which may include power tools, hand tools, motor vehicles, watercraft, trailers, and off-road vehicles Maintain a high level of communication with the Stewardship Team Submit accurate data reports that include electronic and paper forms, digital photos, and GPS/GIS data Properly manage and submit expense records on a regular basis Assist other staff as needed in other project areas such as education, water resources, and land protection Stay overnight via camping or provided lodging to complete project tasks. This is an at-will, seasonal, non-exempt position. Huron Pines plans to fill multiple positions with this announcement. Anticipated employment dates are May 15, 2023 – November 16, 2023 but alternate dates may be available to accommodate schooling or other needs.
  2. We are currently looking for a motivated individual who is a strong leader with a positive attitude, and who has the ability to problem solve and complete tasks without direct supervision. The person in this position will implement restoration projects throughout NE lower Michigan and will work closely with public and private property owners to identify and communicate resource stewardship needs. The top three duties of this position are to lead our seasonal Restoration Technicians, implement restoration and stewardship projects, and provide support on other programs such as outreach and communication. We are looking for someone with at least three years of of experience completeing natural resource management projects. If this sounds like you, please head over to https://huronpines.org/jobs/ for more information and to apply!
  3. I am on the hunt for a good invasive species awareness sign for terrestrial/upland habitats. What I am essentially hoping for is a Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers sign but for terrestrial circumstances. I haven't had much luck with a Google search and so far am leaning toward something from PlayCleanGo but thought I would put it out there to see if any Michigan-based folks have or have seen anything that might fit my search. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  4. Huron Pines is hiring for a Coastal Stewardship Coordinator. The Coastal Stewardship Coordinator will plan and implement habitat surveys and restoration projects, perform outreach to and communicate with local partners and landowners, convene meetings and coordinate volunteer stewardship events. They will facilitate, coordinate and complete tasks on behalf of the Huron Coastal Invasive Species Network (HC ISN), a collaboration of local, state and federal partners working together to address invasive species concerns, so partner collaboration is a fundamental component of this position. They will train to assume the responsibilities of HC ISN coordination including working with stakeholders to obtain permits, permissions and ensure compliance with laws and serve as the primary point of contact for private landowners. The successful applicant will be a self-starter and a confident communicator with a positive attitude who has the ability to problem solve and complete tasks independently. They are expected to participate in meetings, ecological management and assist with projects in other Huron Pines programs and geographies. See full position and application instructions at: https://huronpines.org/jobs/
  5. Hello John, thank you for your inquiry. We will be making decisions by the end of this week so you are welcome to email me for more information or send your resume and three references (shelby@huronpines.org), just note that the turn around time is going to be very quick. I apologize that the PDF is not working, it seems to be working on my end. I will try and add it again here. Revised 2020 Stewardship Tech Job Posting.pdf Revised 2020 Stewardship Tech Job Posting.docx
  6. Hello everyone, we are looking to fill a full time seasonal position beginning as soon as July 6th for one technician based in Gaylord, Michigan. Please check out the attachment for further details. Revised 2020 Stewardship Tech Job Posting.pdf
  7. We have used them in the past as well with very similar success. This was before my time as coordinator so I don't have a whole lot of insight to provide to you about the process, but this year we were working with a Lake association who was planning on obtaining them and we were going to get them from Tip of the Mitt. We worked with Caroline Keson on that. Mainly you need to be sure you have a large enough site, Caroline would know the preferred site sizes, if they're too small the beetles will not work very well.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been reviewing all of MDARDs certification categories (they have 25 different ones!) and am thinking of adding a few more to my repertoire. What kind of certifications do you have and which ones do you require for your treatment staff. Why did you choose to become certified in those categories?
  9. Hello everyone, Huron Pines is looking to add a couple of new team members. The job description can be found here: https://huronpines.org/jobs/. The task of the Coastal Project Manager will be to coordinate the Huron Coastal Invasive Species Network, one of two new invasive species management areas now covering Northeast Michigan. Feel free to share and check out the job description at the link above. Interested applicants are asked to apply by October 31st.
  10. I'm wondering what brands folks have experience using with backpack sprayers. The last thread on this was from 2016 and we have a lot of new people with new experiences, so I thought I would ask again! We've always had Solo backpacks which tend to have a leaking issue both from the nozzle and from the lid. I'm looking to purchase some new sprayers in the near future, and would like to hear about some other brands and people's experiences with them. Thank you!
  11. I am looking to revamp our monitoring protocol/data sheets. Would anyone be willing to share their monitoring forms or provide any thoughts/ideas on what they have learned is helpful to record?
  12. Hello again! I have another request for information on managing crown vetch. This particular property has had an herbicide treatment done a couple of years ago using glyphosate (the property is on the shore of a lake so must be an aquatic approved herbicide) and now the vetch is back again. Hand pulling or mowing isn't really an option because the rhizomes are growing under cement and a lot of the plants are growing in between rock piles. What do others recommend for crown vetch management?
  13. Hello everyone. I was recently contacted by a local conservation district for suggestions on managing leafy spurge. We have never actively managed leafy spurge and I was wondering if anyone else has experience with it? Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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