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  1. I am looking to revamp our monitoring protocol/data sheets. Would anyone be willing to share their monitoring forms or provide any thoughts/ideas on what they have learned is helpful to record?
  2. Hello again! I have another request for information on managing crown vetch. This particular property has had an herbicide treatment done a couple of years ago using glyphosate (the property is on the shore of a lake so must be an aquatic approved herbicide) and now the vetch is back again. Hand pulling or mowing isn't really an option because the rhizomes are growing under cement and a lot of the plants are growing in between rock piles. What do others recommend for crown vetch management?
  3. Hello everyone. I was recently contacted by a local conservation district for suggestions on managing leafy spurge. We have never actively managed leafy spurge and I was wondering if anyone else has experience with it? Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  4. Thanks Katie! What are you using to cut the barberry? Are you doing it by hand or using something like a chainsaw?
  5. Does anyone have experience with conducting cut-stump treatments of Japanese Barberry that they could share? I've only ever done foliar treatments which I've seen great success with, but I've got a new site this year that is very large and very dense and I would like to explore my options. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone have experience or advice in managing/treating for bull thistle that they could share?
  7. I'm wondering what others do for managing wild parsnip. I have some large sites where hand pulling would not be a very effective option. We have used a glyphosate mix in the past but didn't get very good results. I have read MNFI/DNR's BMP and their herbicide suggestion is glyphosate. Does anyone else do anything different?
  8. I am looking for new ideas on how to post notification signs on properties after they have received an herbicide treatment. I'm curious what methods other folks use. In the case of phragmites coastal treatments, we currently use a laminated sign on a stake that we can post on the beach to warn people walking the beach to stay out of the treated area. The issue I have with this method is that my service area covers 4.5 million acres and it becomes inefficient to have to drive and back track to remove the signs the next day. They also don't look the nicest. What do you do?
  9. If you are interested in learning more about creating your own decontamination kits or spreading the word on proper decontamination practices to slow the spread of invasive species we have recently created this video slide show that you are welcome to watch and share. It covers general decontamination steps but also goes over steps you can take to prevent the transport of New Zealand Mudsnails. Currently there is no sound that goes along with the slides.
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