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  1. Use it! Still waiting to hear back on a sponsorship from Muck Boots...
  2. it went through the sole, through the insole and stopped at my foot. lesson learned: use loppers, not your feet.
  3. Greetings everyone, We've been using the Fulcrum app to do our data collection for the past two months and we've found it to be versatile, easy-to-use and really flexible in terms of what kind of data we are collecting. We have not had a chance to use it on invasives yet, but that is coming up this up this month. For instance, we had to collect infrastructure data (signs, culverts, fences, retaining walls) along a 10-mile section of hike / bike trail. We used the web interface to create a form that allowed us to capture specific information about each piece of infrastructure (150 unique features including multiple pictures) and we did it in a day (we were on bikes!) We used a cheap Samsung tablet and a bluetooth GPS unit as the hardware components. At the office we downloaded the data and dropped it in to ArcGIS for use. Pros: Cheap subscription ($18 / month on a month-to-month basis); really sophisticated and versatile form creation; any type of hardware on either Android or iOS; picture data tagged to locations; you can create attributes using Excel-like functions Cons: point features only (kinda like MISIN in that you would need to specify areas of invasive populations); subscription auto-renews (so pay attention when you are done for the season!); adding a basemap to an offline connection is convoluted and cumbersome (this is overcome with a cell connection - we didn't have one.) If anyone is interested in collaborating on a form for invasives please contact me. We can use the RC&D's subscription for the season and grant your group access to use the app as a test case.
  4. Greetings everyone, I've uploaded a document that outlines some of the GIS mapping options that I presented at the December MISC meeting. I've updated the document since then to incorporate some lessons learned from the past few months. I'll post another topic on that. This document compliments Emily's terrific QGIS tutorials by providing some guidance on how to get some of the mapping done with standard GPS units and more modern tools. Let me know what you think and good luck out there! MISC_GIS_Options_2016.pdf
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