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  1. The Mid-Michigan CISMA will be hosting Municipal Invasive Species Trainings again in 2020: Save-a-date: Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 - Ingham County Road Department, Mason, MI Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 - AgroLiquid Conference Center, St. Johns, MI Event agenda and online registration will be posted on the Mid-Michigan CISMA webpage.
  2. Hi Megan, I hope that things have worked out so far in determining details of your Steering Committee. We currently work with an up to 9-member Steering Committee comprised of a core team (our four conservation districts have representatives as they are integral in our operations) and other interested CISMA partners. This is in our Strategic Plan and Governance Documents: "The Mid-Michigan CISMA has a Steering Committee that is comprised of 4 to 9 members— a core team consisting of 4-5 permanent members from the conservation districts (one representative from each, plus coordinator position as funding allows) and 4 additional members from partner organizations. Each additional partner member will serve two-year terms with the opportunity to renew. The committee will meet once every two months to discuss progress of the Mid-Michigan CISMA and make decisions regarding activities with input from partner organizations. Any decisions made at steering committee meetings by vote will pass by majority." I also agree with Vicki, keep the overall number a bit smaller, and make sure that the members are very engaged. It definitely helps get a lot done that way! Let me know if you have other questions: erin.jarvie@macd.org
  3. Hi Megan, I agree with Nor. Your smaller, local papers will pick up a lot more than the large newspapers. It's great to use them to highlight upcoming events. We have never paid for advertising- we just send press releases for our larger events. If you can find the local contacts for your papers, you can start to build a relationship with them. In our past CISMA outreach/communication workshop, our participants were told some tips: Sending the press releases to individual contacts instead of a mass list helps to ensure that it will be looked at and hopefully placed in the paper. If you attach a document, place the text of it in your email too, as attachments aren't always downloaded. High resolution photos with captions and a photo release are good too!
  4. Hi Nor, So far our CISMA has worked with MAEAP on a landowner forestry invasive species workshop- incredibly complimentary for both programs. It was a great way for the technician to provide a Phase 1 event and gather interest in the Forest, Wetland & Habitat system. It was really well attended for us, despite awful Spring weather this past season. Past MAEAP techs have also reported locations of our priority invasive species to MISIN, as they are out and about visiting farms across their county. I look forward to what others post here, as we're looking to better incorporate a partnership with MAEAP into future events.
  5. For anyone else interested, there is also a hollow stem injection section on page 9 of the Rodeo label that addresses max application for injection. "Do not apply more than a total of 8 quarts of this product per acre for all treatments combined. At 5 mL per stem, 8 quarts will treat approximately 1420 stems per acre." Of course, rates will change by the herbicide you choose to use, but I found this helpful. Rodeo_Label.pdf
  6. The Mid-Michigan CISMA has invasive species injectors available to local landowners in Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, and Ionia counties. These injectors are useful for local residents to treat small infestations of invasive Japanese, giant, and Bohemian knotweeds and are best used when knotweed is in bloom- August into September. The injectors will be available for four-day rental sessions with a refundable deposit and staff will train you to use the injection system. Attached is the program flyer and more information. Contact your conservation district to learn more and reserve your rental dates: Clinton Conservation District: 989-224-3720 ext. 3 Eaton Conservation District: 517-543-1512 ext. 5 Ingham Conservation District: 517-676-2290 Ionia Conservation District: 616-527-2098 MMCISMA Injector Press Release July 2019.pdf Injector Rental Program Flyer 2019.pdf
  7. Here are photos of black swallow-wort found during surveys within our CISMA. Please feel free to use them for outreach or materials as needed. Can photo credit Mid-Michigan CISMA if you'd like.
  8. The Mid-Michigan CISMA is hosting free workshops in each of its counties in May. Attached is a press release with more details of each workshop. Registration is available on the Mid-Michigan CISMA webpage or through the CISMA's Facebook events page at www.facebook.com/mmcisma. May 2019- Invasive Species Landowner Workshops.pdf
  9. Please join us for this upcoming oak wilt workshop on April 8th at the Delta Township Library in Lansing. You can RSVP using this link: Municipal/Business Invasive Species Prevention Workshop. Please share with your contacts and we hope to see you next week! Mid-Michigan CISMA Hosting Forest Invasive Species Prevention Workshop on Oak Wilt this Spring For more information, contact: Erin Pavloski, Mid-Michigan CISMA Coordinator at erin.jarvie@macd.org The Mid-Michigan Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area will be hosting a free workshop on April 8th, focusing on preventing the spread of invasive species and sharing information on oak wilt. A Municipal/Business Invasive Species Prevention Workshop will be held on Monday, April 8th from 5:15-7:30 pm at the Delta Township District Library in Lansing, MI. This workshop focused on oak wilt, an invasive disease, is geared for municipal/governmental and commercial business staff- city planners, parks and recreation, public works, forestry departments, commercial landscapers, arborists, foresters, interested individuals, and more! The Mid-Michigan CISMA is pleased to host Julie Stachecki, President of the Arboriculture Society of Michigan. Julie is an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) & Michigan Oak Wilt Qualified. Julie will speak with workshop participants about the current status, misconceptions, prevention, and treatment of oak wilt, an invasive disease affecting Michigan oak trees. Oak wilt is an important issue for local communities and we can all play a part in its prevention. You won't want to miss the opportunity to learn from her expertise! This workshop has been approved for 2 MDARD seminar credits in Comm. CORE or Categories 2, 3A, or 3B, as well as certification credits from the International Society of Arboriculture and the Society of American Foresters. There will also be light refreshments available. Registration and more information for these workshops can be found on the Mid-Michigan CISMA website at www.inghamconservation.com/mm-cisma or the Mid-Michigan CISMA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mmcisma. Questions or registration requests for these workshops can be directed to Mid-Michigan CISMA Coordinator, Erin Pavloski, at erin.jarvie@macd.org or at 517-676-2290 ext. 2. The Mid-Michigan CISMA is funded in part by the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (www.michigan.gov/invasives). Forest Workshop Municipal_Business 4.8.19.pdf
  10. Hi Bas, Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately our Mid-Michigan CISMA doesn't have any positions open, but please email me at erin.jarvie@macd.org and I can forward any opportunities that appear on our CISMA radars. We also have volunteer opportunities with our CISMA and I think you'll find that the Lansing area has lots of natural resources networking opportunities as well. I hope you enjoy Michigan! -Erin Pavloski, Regional Invasive Species Coordinator, Mid-Michigan CISMA
  11. Hi Katie, Door hangers and permanent sign examples would be great. Thanks!
  12. For those using or renting injection systems for JK, where are you purchasing your equipment? Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, We are a relatively new CISMA and I am wondering if any other CISMAs have developed interpretive signs for Japanese knotweed that we could have permission to edit and use. Thank you! Erin Jarvie, MM-CISMA Coordinator
  14. Welcome to our Mid-Michigan Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (MM-CISMA) forum. You can learn more about the MM-CISMA at www.inghamconservation.com/mm-cisma. You can also like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mmcisma. If you have any questions, please let us know!
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