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ISN has been working on controlling garlic mustard in a small residential area in Grand Traverse County since 2013, in large part because of the area's fantastic integration into the existing forest habitats.  In previous years, garlic mustard choked out nearly all other vegetation:


As the years have gone by, the native vegetation (Dutchman's breeches, squirrel corn, trout lilies, and even Trillium) have returned in profusion.  We're still working, every year:

2017pullingGM_Send_1942 Sparrow_Sarah Green.JPG

...but now it's a much prettier view while we work!  And in spring 2017, our Seasonal Technicians found some very special Trillium!  In addition to our "normal" red Trillium (T. erectum) pictured above, they spotted the rare yellow-form (T. erectum f. luteum) and a return visit yielded a pale "salmon" red Trillium as well:



Moral of the story:  sometimes you don't know what you're saving until you've put in the work!

All photos by ISN personnel, besides the 2 "special" Trillium photos by Bob Grzesiak (from the same site), used with permission because he's my dad. 

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