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Claire Peterson

Identification of aquatic plant

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Really hard to tell from the picture - it could be several things. A good close up picture of the number of leaves whorled around the stem would be super helpful, & we might be able to make a positive ID here.

Here's a link to a helpful little book called "A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats for Michigan".  They can read the book on-line, and it has good descriptions. 


Another helpful link below...goes to state of Michigan website with invasive species profiles.


Unfortunately, the natives look very similar to the invasive species, so they really should collect a sample for positive ID.


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Hi Anna!

These were the two additional photographs that were sent to me. Phyllis was unable to identify it but she wanted me to pass along a milfoil power point that had been done. I've received no updates from the person who contacted us since sending that information.



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Definitely a milfoil, and most likely native from what I can see here. Actually being able to see a single leaf sure would help, but the leaflet spacing that I can make out, as well as the general "stiffness" of the plant lead me to think native (as opposed to the invasive Eurasian). 


(I realize this is way late but since no one else had replied...)

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