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Hi all!

I'm reaching out regarding the treatment of black swallowwort. Its still in the EDRR stages up here in the U.P., and in my CISMA area we only have one known infestation. We've been helping to treat it for multiple years now, but we're wondering if perhaps we're not using some of the best management practices on it.

My questions are:

1. If you've treated it, what chemical did you find worked best? Or did you find a non-chemical solution worked well, too?

2. What time of year/phenology of the plant did you treat it?

3. Any other advice?


Thanks everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Hi Elise!

We have one home owner in particular who has been treating the past two summers using the State Guidelines, treating with Triclopyr the past two summers, just as seeds start to develop. They also pull in the spring, trying to contain it to the patch in their front yard, and removing any "new" patches on the rest of the property. Lastly, those seedpods that do set and develop, they try to hand pick and burn before they release seed. 

Unfortunately, I think they missed the mark on timing the first year, since they had just moved into the house towards the end of summer, and were using a lower concentration of Triclopyr than recommended. We haven't seen green-up here this year, so I'm not certain if they will see any results this year, but I'll update in a few months!


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Any updates for the most effective  Swallowwort eradication? We discovered it on our property last fall. It was a small patch so I dug up root crown and disposed. We have 100+acres so I know there must be more out there. I want to have a plan in place for the spring. A consultant recommended full strength Triclopyr with full strength glyphosate. Thank you in advance!

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