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How do other CISMAs approach the disposal of dead (formerly treated) phragmites australis biomass when burning is not an option? Are there contacts (DNR/ DEQ) that can assist in finding facilities that accept invasive species materials? Are there other options to remove and dispose of phragmites that do not include burning or transporting to a land fill (bury/smothering with material?)? The phragmites in question would be excavated from county drains (above and below ground biomass), after two years of treatment. A fear of mine is transporting phragmites to a landfill and accidentally facilitating the spread (during mobilization or) by bringing it to a facility that does not take the appropriate actions when disposing/ containing the material. 

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We leave all Phragmites where it is.  In some cases we mow, but the bits are left where they lie (and then we clean machinery!).  As you said, the complications (permitting? vectors, etc.) are too great for anything else.  Curious what others are up to!  Any creative solutions?

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