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Red Barberry

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Hi - Wondering if anyone else around the state is seeing a lot of red leaf Japanese barberry in their natural areas? We have documented it in natural areas in at least 3 of our northern-tier Oakland County parks this season - first year we have seen the red variety despite having had the green leaf barberry historically. We do not use it in our park ornamental beds so it is definitely makings its way into the undeveloped areas of our parks from outside sources. Thoughts/ insight?

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Hi Brittany,

In the northwest lower Michigan region (and throughout the state, when I travel), I see Japanese barberry of both the "wild type" (green leaf) and the red-leaf cultivars in natural areas.  The red cultivars often produce seeds that grow green shrubs, but they're capable of producing red (or even variegated!) offspring as well, depending on what they cross with.

As Vicki said, barberry is still a commonly planted ornamental; it could be sourcing (through bird's digestive tracts) from nearly any nearby neighborhood or development.  I've even seen it "travel" as far as a few miles.  You might be able to reach out to nearby land owners to ask them about replacing barberry with a native shrub in their landscapes?  In northwest lower Michigan, we also have a program called Go Beyond Beauty for garden professionals.  I believe there are some folks in your area considering starting up a similar program.  Get in contact with your CISMA if you're not already; we'd be happy to pass our experience along!

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