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Partner Survey and Meeting Lessons Learned

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When starting to lay out our strategic and outreach plans, I put out a Google Forms "Partner Survey" to all of our stakeholders and project partners to get feedback on what the community wanted from the CISMA. I was worried while formatting long-term goals that my concepts for the CISMA (as a natural resource professional) would be radically different from local governments, road commissions, volunteers, and home owners. The survey was sent out to roughly 275 people via email in late November, and we gave respondents about a month (and a few reminder emails) to send in their answers. We had 48 responses, which was roughly a 17% response rate. 

In formatting the Survey, I wanted to keep things brief, but to produce information that covered all of the major topics. I've attached a version of the survey as it appeared to our partners. 

Based off of this data, I recently hosted an "extended partner meeting" that reached out to a wider range of partners than our typical working group meetings. We had 25 attendees, including Road Commission employees, city planners, and volunteers. After going over our draft strategic and outreach plans, as well as the survey data, we broke into small groups to discuss four key topics from the survey, which was really effective brainstorming and a list of events that our community members want and need. I walked away with a list of great ideas, and a much better concept of what needs to be done to make the CISMA an effective resource for the community. 

In building the SW X SW Corner CISMA, I think this information is going to be invaluable. I'm excited to use this information and feedback to adapt our program! 


partner survey.docx

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I attended this "extended partner meeting" and I think this is a great idea! I was particularly impressed with the pie-charts and other analytics that Nor put together using the data from the survey's. Nor, if possible, could you post some of the those graphics for example?

All: Imagine conducting these surveys annually/bi-annually. Can we capture the impact of a CISMA

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Thanks Ryan! I've attached another document that has a selection of the graphics from some of the questions. Questions 5, 6, and 8 all had multiple graphics, so I paired it down to the simpler questions as an example. In particular, it was nice to know what the group thought we should focus on, and what resources they needed from us. I'm hoping to use this information to find grant funding for projects, such as helping landowners actively treat, that we don't have funding for at the moment. If anyone would like a full copy of the graphics, I can try to send them along via email as well! 


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