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Amusing video for the day ...

So, October 1st marks the 35th anniversary of EPCOT opening and they just released this old promo video from 1981 showcasing the park and all of the advance technology that went into it including using the "once pesky" water hyacinth to treat waste water on the property as well as produce methane gas for energy.



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ISN (and specifically @Rebecca Koteskey) has been working on invasive species ordinances with local governments lately, and we thought some of you all might like the templates we share!  There are a few we're working with:

A Phragmites-specific ordinance template

A broader invasive species ordinance

The ordinance for a municipality to adopt ISN's Planting Guide (e.g. when developers are putting in new landscapes, what they can't plant)

If you have questions or your own ordinances (I know other folks have them), let's put them in this thread for reference!

PH Ordinance Template.docx



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