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  2. Hi everyone! MSU Extension is hiring for a brand-new, exciting position - a statewide AIS Prevention Educator! The position will work closely with EGLE and DNR to develop and implement outreach and research focused on the boating and angling pathways of AIS introduction and spread. This will include assuming leadership for the MSU Mobile Boat Wash Program, reinvigorating Michigan's Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, and developing your own outreach and research initiatives. The position will also play a supporting role in RIPPLE (Reduce Invasive Pet and Plant Escapes), the stat
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  4. Community wood banks, like food banks, help people in need. Climate change is shaping their role. View the full article
  5. Hi Alyssa, I'm hoping you've been connected with the European Frogbit Collaborative, but if not, please check it out and join our meeting next month! There is a decent amount of information on monitoring, treatment, etc. based on several years of work by various partners around the state.
  6. ISN uses Elite Premier Ultra, which we got through Red River: https://rrsi.com/product/elite-premier/
  7. Community wood banks, like food banks, help people in need. Climate change is shaping their role. View the full article
  8. Hello, I am looking for examples of commercially available carrier oils for used for basal treatments. Specifically, I am interested in carrier oils that are compatible with Garlon 4 Ultra. Thank you, McKenzi
  9. There was interest in a recent CISMA meeting to see some materials ISN created for local seed swaps. The flyer and a social media post (sized for Facebook) are attached. I am happy to provide these files with folks to share in your region...if you want space for your own logo, let me know and I can make those adjustments - ecook@gtcd.org
  10. Hi All, Fallon at the BCK CISMA and I have been working with The Stewardship Network to host a webinar series focusing on riparians at 1pm on Mondays in February. We have two of these events left, with Tom Alwin from EGLE doing an invasive species update Monday, February 15th and Eric Bacon from ANC talking about permitting on the 22nd. Recordings of the sessions are also available on The Stewardship Network's YouTube. Please feel free to share with your networks, riparians, or lake associations!
  11. Hello, I have put together the following management practices for a RFP we will be bidding out in 2021. If possible, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the following suggested techniques. Poison Hemlock For Poison hemlock, Contractor must perform foliar applications during the rosette stage of the plant in early spring, typically during the month of May. Chemical suggested for use may include an aquatic approved glyphosate at 2% or triclopyr at 1.5% depending on proximity to the water body. Anticipated active ingredients, percent solution, and timing of applica
  12. A new review of the scientific literature confirms that anthropogenic noise is becoming unbearable for undersea life. View the full article
  13. Hello All, Below is a link to a folder with presentations for all watch list species. Feel free to download the presentations, edit with your CISMA's logo/information, and share widely! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zmC_vw084bu49cvHRVfH2xl3TQGwbS-S?usp=sharing P.S. species with their own folders have additional resources / formats available within the folder. Best, McKenzi
  14. America wasn’t ready for the pandemic. And it isn’t ready for the next contagion to strike our woodlands. View the full article
  15. The Central Michigan CISMA is seeking a full-time coordinator. Applications are due by February 28th, 2021 with a proposed start date of April. Please contact Megan Garrett at 989-414-2237 with any questions. CM-CISMA Coordinator 2021.pdf
  16. A new review of the scientific literature confirms that anthropogenic noise is becoming unbearable for undersea life. View the full article
  17. Unfortunately, I can't; it wasn't official, so I don't have records (plus it was like 7 years ago). However, it was probably equivalent to the standard concentration we use for broadleaf weeds--1.5% Garlon 3A.
  18. Hello all! TNC-MI is hiring for a seasonal position in the UP to assist our full time land steward with preserve restoration, management, and outreach. More info as follows: The Preserve & Restoration Assistant performs and participates in preserve management, maintenance, restoration, and outreach in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The position will be approximately 90% field work and 10% office work. This is a temporary, full time, 35-hours per week position, and is based out of Marquette, MI. This position will last 17 weeks beginning approximately April 26 and ending approximat
  19. Thank you, Katie! Another suggestion was to use 2% glyphosate. However, I like the idea of using triclopyr for the sake of grasses on site, especially since this is covering roughly 10 acres of land. Can you provide more information about the % of triclopyr used?
  20. Looks about right; I've only treated it privately, and I used triclopyr so it wouldn't kill grasses. Clipped seedheads, sprayed non-bolted rosettes, left follow-up to the friend whose land it was. Seemed to work pretty well.
  21. ISN is hiring two seasonal crew members for this summer's field season! A complete job description and guidelines for applying can be found on our website. Share if applicable!
  22. Hello, I am looking for best management practices for Poison hemlock. Searching the web, I have found the following options. If anyone has experience controlling Poison hemlock, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on any of the following methods. • Triclopyr (Ortho Max Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer): most effective when applied from seedling to rosette stage • 2,4-D plus dicamba (1 kg + 0.5 kg ai/Ac) before plants begin to bud OR 2,4-D (Agri star): most effective when applied soon after plants reach rosette stage • Glyphosate (Round-Up): apply to actively gro
  23. Looking for 2 Full time (40 hrs/week) limited term position, through August 31, 2022. Apply by Feb 15. Please see the attached job description. Monitoring Crew Job Description 2020.docx (1).pdf
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