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  2. Thanks, Ryan! It seems at least some of these contacts are out of date, any idea where the new/updated map lives on the MDARD website?
  3. We gave folders that included printed copies of the "A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats for Michigan." It's a ton of pages to print, so you need a heavy duty stapler to make them into booklets.
  4. Kalamazoo Nature Center also sells the beetles, we are planning to get an order this year. But you need to pick them up, so that may not be the best option for your location.
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  6. Great, thanks for sharing this, Nor and Fallon! Did you hand out ID guides or anything during the plant ID part? I'm always curious what guides people are using. Thanks!
  7. Velvet worms, trapdoor spiders: Scientists worry about the fate of the nation’s many remarkable, overlooked endemic creatures. View the full article
  8. Australian scientists wonder which of the nation’s many remarkable native insect species may have been lost to the wildfires. View the full article
  9. Hey Nor, Neat project idea! Just for my two cents, I'd say option 1 and 2 look like they'd give you the most accurate data returned to you. I also like that there is a great learning opportunity in Plan 1. We're currently not very active in Eyes on the Forest, but this is a good reminder to include that program in my outreach. I hope you have good feedback from your monitoring!
  10. Our wonderful Coordinator of nearly 4 years, Erin Pavloski, has accepted a new position. We wish her the best and are seeking a new Coordinator to continue the good work of the Mid-Michigan CISMA. See the attached position description and feel free to share. The posting can also be found at www.inghamconservation.com. Regional Invasive Species Coordinator position description.pdf
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  14. (16 Pesticide Applicator Credits available! Read on...) Learn about Michigan’s lakes online from MSU Extension The Michigan State University Extension Introduction to Lakes online course is being offered January 2020 and registration is now open! This nationally recognized six-week course is in a convenient self-paced online format and is designed for lake users, lakefront property owners, and professionals who want to improve their understanding of lakes and their protection and management. Over 500 people have participated in the class since it was first offered online in 2015. The online format allows you, from the comfort of your home or office, to have week-by-week, 24/7 access to six online units that are complete with video lectures, activities, resources, discussion forums, quizzes, and Ask-an-Expert webinar sessions with professionals from Michigan State University and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. The course covers lake ecology, lakes and their watersheds, shorelines, Michigan water law, aquatic plant management, and community involvement. The course schedule allows for regular online communication with classmates and course instructors. The 2020 course runs January 14 – March 13. The cost of the course is $115 per person. Registration is open through January 8, 2020. Everyone who completes the course will receive a free, one-year membership to Michigan Lake Stewardship Associations, including four issues of The Michigan Riparian magazine. Continuing Education Credits are also available including 16 Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Pesticide Applicator Re-Certification credits and credits in the Master Citizen Planner program, Master Gardener program, Conservation Stewards Program and the Wildlife Society’s Certified Wildlife Biologist program. For more details about the course and to register visit the MSU Extension Introduction to Lakes webpage at http://www.canr.msu.edu/lakesonline.
  15. On a flat stretch of highway in Washington State, tumbleweeds piled as high as 30 feet across an area three football fields long. View the full article
  16. On a flat stretch of highway in Washington State, tumbleweeds piled as high as 30 feet across an area three football fields long. View the full article
  17. In three years, the administration has diminished the role of science in policymaking while disrupting research projects nationwide. Experts say the effects could be felt for years. View the full article
  18. Please see attached for the full poster and schedule! We are looking at hosting another Symposium, this time in the Spring to allow Riparians to put into practice the shoreline protection, invasive species removal, and monitoring we are discussing! Let us know if there are any questions! Shoreline Symposium.pdf
  19. The Mid-Michigan CISMA will be hosting Municipal Invasive Species Trainings again in 2020: Save-a-date: Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 - Ingham County Road Department, Mason, MI Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 - AgroLiquid Conference Center, St. Johns, MI Event agenda and online registration will be posted on the Mid-Michigan CISMA webpage.
  20. Melissa DeSimone, the new Executive Director of Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, wanted me to let everyone know that she is happy to provide a letter of support to any CISMA working on an aquatic project proposal. Her email is: melissa.desimone@mlswa.org
  21. The swine have established themselves in Canada and are encroaching border states like Montana and North Dakota. View the full article
  22. Here is the link to a google sheet with funding opportunity information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LbNayrFqncuzcKsaBVrD1JjHktA9wsP1K4XLNuHBYbs/edit?usp=sharing See if this information could benefit you. Are there areas where you could add to this collaborative list?
  23. Hello, Here is a link to the food inspection agency in Canada. They have some nice ID cards you can print out or use for examples in presentations. https://www.inspection.gc.ca/plants/plant-pests-invasive-species/insects/plant-pest-cards/eng/1548085757491/1548085933224 s2
  24. Here is a link to a youtube playlist of videos from the MISC Summer Field Trip on August 13-14, 2019 in Sault Ste Marie, MI. These videos are “unlisted” in youtube which means they can only be accessed via link. This is in part because they are not ADA compliant (e.g., closed captioning). However, please do not hesitate to share this link (or individual video links) with your staff and partners that would benefit from this content. **To access the full playlist, click the "1/17" icon in the upper right corner of the video.
  25. Hi Megan, I hope that things have worked out so far in determining details of your Steering Committee. We currently work with an up to 9-member Steering Committee comprised of a core team (our four conservation districts have representatives as they are integral in our operations) and other interested CISMA partners. This is in our Strategic Plan and Governance Documents: "The Mid-Michigan CISMA has a Steering Committee that is comprised of 4 to 9 members— a core team consisting of 4-5 permanent members from the conservation districts (one representative from each, plus coordinator position as funding allows) and 4 additional members from partner organizations. Each additional partner member will serve two-year terms with the opportunity to renew. The committee will meet once every two months to discuss progress of the Mid-Michigan CISMA and make decisions regarding activities with input from partner organizations. Any decisions made at steering committee meetings by vote will pass by majority." I also agree with Vicki, keep the overall number a bit smaller, and make sure that the members are very engaged. It definitely helps get a lot done that way! Let me know if you have other questions: erin.jarvie@macd.org
  26. We have used them in the past as well with very similar success. This was before my time as coordinator so I don't have a whole lot of insight to provide to you about the process, but this year we were working with a Lake association who was planning on obtaining them and we were going to get them from Tip of the Mitt. We worked with Caroline Keson on that. Mainly you need to be sure you have a large enough site, Caroline would know the preferred site sizes, if they're too small the beetles will not work very well.
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