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  1. The Ingham Conservation District is looking to fill two seasonal, part-time positions to assist the work of the Mid-Michigan Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. Visit inghamconservation.com/mm-cisma for position descriptions and application instructions. Invasive Species Crew Member Announcement.pdf Invasive Species Intern Announcement.pdf
  2. We have a mountain bike trail at the Ingham CD and would like to put in a decon area that will be well suited for these bike trail users. Has anyone seen or installed something like this? I'm thinking brushes on cables for a start, but wondering if there are other good ideas out there. Thanks
  3. Our wonderful Coordinator of nearly 4 years, Erin Pavloski, has accepted a new position. We wish her the best and are seeking a new Coordinator to continue the good work of the Mid-Michigan CISMA. See the attached position description and feel free to share. The posting can also be found at www.inghamconservation.com. Regional Invasive Species Coordinator position description.pdf
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