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  1. The Michigan Invasive Species Coalition's annual meeting will be held virtually January 19-20. Please use this thread to post any information or documents from the sessions that may be helpful for other CISMAs!
  2. Full disclaimer - I am not a scat expert:) That said, raccoon scat wouldn't be the size of a sprinkle. I had put forward it being from a racoon because I thought the roundness was from undigested berries. Rodents have small scat (like a sprinkle), but that's typically oblong. So now my guess would be this is from a rabbit. I will happily defer to any wildlife biologist that wants to weigh in though!
  3. Attached is the agenda and meeting information for the coordinator call on Monday, September 24, 2018 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Please let me know if you have any questions prior to the meeting! MISC-CISMA agenda.docx
  4. Yes, it's a round goby. (A key characteristic is the black spot on the dorsal fin).
  5. I got a notification email! Monday 4/23 at 8:59 am.
  6. Now that phragmites treatment season is officially over, the DEQ is looking for input on its phragmites prioritization tool (find it here), specifically from CISMAs. Please reply to this thread with your thoughts! Questions to consider: 1. Does your CISMA use the prioritization tool? 2. Do you find it useful? What are the pros/cons? 3. Have you modified it to fit your needs? Would you be willing to share the changes you made and copies of your forms? 4. Should the DEQ revise or update the tool? 5. Should the DEQ promote the tool more? Thanks in advance for a
  7. Attached are the brief meeting notes from the MISC Core Team / CISMA Coordinator conference call on March 22, 2017. MISC-CISMA notes.docx
  8. SOGL 2017 Funding Opportunity We are pleased to announce our 2017 Request For Proposals. Sustain Our Great Lakes is soliciting applications for competitive funding to restore and enhance habitat in the Great Lakes basin. Details about this funding opportunity are provided in the Request for Proposals. The submission deadline for full applications is February 21, 2017. Please note, the pre-proposal stage included in past years has been eliminated for 2017. Additional application information is available at www.sust
  9. View this email in your browser
  10. The MISC Core Team held a conference call with CISMA coordinators on October 11, 2016. See the attached documents for the meeting notes and presentations. 1. MISC-CISMA meeting notes.docx 2. MISC Meeting Update.pdf 3. Invasive Knotweed ID.pdf 4. Knotweed Hybrid Cheat Sheet.docx 5. EDR in West Michigan.pdf
  11. The inaugural MISC Core Team / CISMA Coordinator conference call occurred on July 27, 2016. Attached are the notes from the meeting, along with the presentations. 3. MISIN Update.pdf 4. Decontamination Trainings.pdf 5. HWA Update.pdf 1. MISC CISMA Meeting Notes.docx 2. MISC Meeting Update.pdf
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