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  1. Amur silvergrass (Miscanthus sacchariflorus) Beefsteak plant (Perilla frutescens) Chicory (Cichorium intybus) Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) Creeping yellowcress (Rorippa sylvestris) Large-flower primrose-willow (Ludwigia grandiflora) Oak-leaved goosefoot (Chenopodium glaucum) Oriental ladys thumb (Polygonum cespitosum) Rough bugleweed (Lycopus asper) Silktree (Albizia julibrissin) Spotted ladysthumb (Polygonum persicaria) Water mint (Mentha aquatica) Weeping alkaligrass (Puccinellia distans) Winter vetch (Vicia villosa) In order to see these species with
  2. Below is the link to download versions of the MISIN android app for devices running older version of the Android operating system. Please note that Google sets these target requirements for new apps and app updates. https://www.misin.msu.edu/0/webservice/android/installer/index.html If you have any questions or need any help - please contact me!
  3. Hi all, The MISIN smartphone training app has been completed and can be found at the following URL: https://www.misin.msu.edu/media/video/misin_appVideo_final.mp4
  4. Links to new training modules as well as most recent species training module: http://www.misin.msu.edu/train/MISIN/datacollection/index.html http://www.misin.msu.edu/train/MISIN/treatmenttracker/index.html https://www.misin.msu.edu/train/species/SpottedLanternfly Help Page with additional documentation: https://www.misin.msu.edu/help/
  5. CISMA Coordinator Guide-Updated.pdf
  6. Provided by: Drew Rayner NY_InvasivePlantDecisionAnalysisTool_Version 1.1_06-28-11.pdf
  7. Provided by: Drew Rayner ManagementPrioritiesforInvasiveNon-nativePlants.pdf
  8. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA Spill Discovery Reporting Form 2018.docx
  9. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA Pesticide Spill Procedure 2018.docx
  10. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA PDMP 2018.doc
  11. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA Adverse Incident Response Procedure 2018.docx
  12. Created by: Drew Rayner Pest Management Area_Specific.pdf
  13. Created by: Drew Rayner Pest Management Area_Specific Water.pdf
  14. Created by: Drew Rayner Pest Management Area_General.pdf
  15. Created by: Drew Rayner NPDES Chemical List.xlsx
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