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  1. Just got a report of this plant in Van Buren County, has anyone seen more in the last 2 years or had success managing it in that time?
  2. Hello all, The SWxSW Corner CISMA is hiring! Are you or someone you know interested in managing invasive plants and surveying for high-priority invasive species like spotted lanternfly? The SWxSW Corner CISMA Strike Team is gearing up for its second season, and we're looking to fill two crew positions. For more information, visit https://vanburencd.org/about/ and click "Employment & Volunteer" or email the Strike Team Coordinator, Abbie Bristol, at invasivesmgmt@vanburencd.org before March 14th! Edit 4/4/2022: positions filled
  3. Hi all, I have a little booklet made by the DEQ (from 2018 when they were still called the DEQ) called "Michigan Citizens' guide to invasive plant disposal" ( <-link to PDF) It's been pretty popular at booths, so I'm running low. I can't seem to find a way to order more online, anyone have ideas where I could pick up a box of these?
  4. Hi All, I'm putting together a training for one of my drain commissions and their contractors on invasive species and what they can do. I'm trying to put together a list of the invasive species that most affect county drains. so far my list is: Phragmites, Narrow leaf cattail, and Japanese knotweed. The criteria I'm generally thinking about are: increased erosion, potential to spread via waterways, and potential to clog up the drains / impact their function. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on other invasive species that may be good to teach them about, or other ways that IS can impact county drains. Any input is appreciated.
  5. Update: right after I posted this the land manager got back to me and said that the area is much wetter in the spring, so that explains that!
  6. Hi All. I was at a site yesterday where they're restoring some Prairie land, and there was a large area of purple loosetrife. Michigan Flora lists purple loosetrife as an obligate wetland species, but the area looked pretty dry to me. just curious if anyone else has seen this happening at other sites.
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