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  1. Hello folks,

    I was on the  California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Data Portal and found a document entitled: Inspection and Cleaning Manual for 
    Equipment and Vehicles to Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species (Technical Memorandum No. 86-68220-07-05), but it is created by U.S. Department of the Interior
    Bureau of Reclamation. Some good information on things like: sources of contamination at sites, how decontaminate etc.... It will come up as a download when you click the link. I attached the pdf itself for your ease as well.  Some nice pictures and tips.







  2. Hello Everyone!

    Hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to pass on a relevant link that I found entitled "What Happens When Humans Fall In Love With An Invasive Species".  Be it mute swans, japanese knotweed or something else, the human dimensions of this issue is really interesting. There are some interesting nuggets of information that may apply directly or indirectly to some of the issues various CISMA's are dealing with.



    Please let me know if this is an appropriate venue for sharing these articles. If not, I can just email interested parties.



  3. Hello All, 

    Here is an interesting article that I came across. I have attached the journal article to this post.

    Pet problems: Biological and economic factors that influence the release of alien reptiles and amphibians by pet owners



    Stringham_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Applied_Ecology_exotic pets more likley to be released.pdf

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