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Jo Latimore

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to reiterate the various resources, programs, and support that are available for aquatic invasive species efforts in Michigan. I mentioned many of these programs at the MISC conference earlier this month. There are certainly more, I'm sure - feel free to mention other resources in a reply!

The Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch, part of the volunteer Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program, engages volunteers in surveying for invasives in inland lakes. About 80 lakes have participated since the program began. The EAPW represents an excellent opportunity to partner with lakefront property owners for EDRR. This video describes the program and provides identification guidance for four target species: Eurasian watermilfoil, starry stonewort, Hydrilla, and curly-leaf pondweed. EAPW volunteers also survey for Michigan watch list species. I can help connect CISMAs and other organizations with volunteers on lakes in your service area if you are interested in collaboration. Anyone - not just lakefront property owners - can participate in the program.

A key resource for that program is "A Michigan Boater's Guide to Selected Invasive Aquatic Plants" from MSU Extension. It's available as a free PDF download, or for purchase online ($10; MSU Extension county staff may be able to provide a quantity discount). 

RIPPLE (Reduce Invasive Pet and PLant Escapes) outreach materials are available at no cost for preventing the release of aquatic plants and animals from water gardens, ponds, and aquariums. Orders can be placed online using this form

The Mobile Boat Wash program offered by MSU in cooperation with DEQ and the US Forest Service will again be available in summer 2017, at no cost to local hosts. Contact me if you would like to schedule this aquatic invasive species outreach program for boaters in your service area. 

Beth Clawson of MSU Extension oversees the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, a train-the-trainer program for empowering local volunteers to conduct their own boater education to stop aquatic hitchhikers. 

Finally, the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership is looking for input on how we can help CISMAs address aquatic invasive species. I'm the facilitator - so feel free to contact me with ideas or questions. 

Please reply here or contact me directly with any questions or ideas.




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