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Does anyone have experience with using different types of nozzles for backpack sprayers?  There is such a bewildering array of styles to choose from, with different patterns (fan, cone, hollow cone, stream), different low drift options, ratings for flow and pressure.  I want to minimize drift, but have a reasonable rate of flow and decent coverage.  What is the nozzle that people like best?

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Hi Noah,

I agree that there's a lot of options out there.  Most my experience has been with the adjustable brass nozzles that come standard on the STIHL SG20 backpack sprayer:


It does everything from cone to stream and with a few turns left or right you can dial it in to what works best for a given application and can be adjusted accordingly to minimize drift. It's particularly uses if you plan on treating a variety of plants. Also, I like the brass tips because they seem to hold up better and are easier to clean than the plastic tips. One more thing, if you are really worried about drift you can purchase plastic cone protectors that that you put on the end of your spraying wand. Haven't used them myself but that may be an option. Hope that helps!

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