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Found 4 results

  1. New Species added to MISIN!

    On our individual state pages, we've added lists of each states noxious weeds, prohibited, restricted, edrr, species of concern, etc. Those species that we did not have on the MISIN site have now been added. They include: Apple of Peru Black henbane Woollyleaf bur ragweed Chinese buckthorn Rough cocklebur Cogongrass Columbus grass Common poison ivy Cressleaf groundsel Dahurian buckthorn Field bindweed Giant ragweed Goatsrue Golden alga Heartshape false pickerelweed Hill mustard Horse nettle Italian plumeless thistle Japanese buckthorn Marestail Palmer amaranth Pignut Russian thistle Sharp-tooth buckthorn Scotch broom Shatter cane Sickleweed Silverleaf nightshade Simplestem bur-reed Smooth dock Sudden oak death Sweet autumn clematis Tropical soda apple White bedstraw White henbane Wild mustard Wild sunflower Woolly fruit bur ragweed Yellow bedstraw Yellow starthistle Unfortunately there are not a lot of photos available for Sharp-tooth buckthorn (Rhamnus arguta) so if anyone has any images of this species that they would like to share, please e-mail me!
  2. Update: Treatment Tracking

    Hi all, For those of you utilizing the MISIN treatment tracking, I wanted to let you know I've updated the both the Terrestrial and Aquatic treatment attributes. The attributes for the aquatic treatment polygons contain the same information that they did before, but now the attributes that are attached to the terrestrial treatments and were not asked for aquatic treatments have now been added. Also, for both terrestrial and aquatic treatments, there is now an attribute to select whether the treatment you are doing in initial or a retreatment. As a reminder, if you have added aquatic treatments already - feel free to go back to them and fill in the additional attributes. Also, please don't forget that even with aquatic treatments, please make sure you draw a site polygon first. If you have any questions or would like something added, please let me know. I have also gotten suggestions to add a GPS Coordinate box for recording the central point of the polygon (Lat/Long) for the treatment polygons.
  3. Notice: MISIN Bulk Uploading

    Hi everyone - we are experiencing some issues with the report@misin.msu.edu e-mail... If you are having trouble or received a bounce notification after sending e-mails to this address, please e-mail me your bulk uploads directly! Thank you
  4. until
    Saginaw Bay Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area MISIN treatment training webinar