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  2. I'm sharing a template version of the Expense Tracking Google doc I use to track our CISMA grant funding. I shared this during the session on "Tips and Tricks for Managing FundingMid Mi CISMA Grant Expenses Template.xlsx" session. I am also including a copy of our Contingency Plan, which came in very handy last year. Mid-Michigan CISMA Contingency Plan Final 2019.pdf
  3. Hi Susan, ISN also uses the state guidelines Nor referenced above--treating with triclopyr and an increased surfactant. However, we've actually seen the best control in the smaller patches where we were able to hand-pull/dig as you describe. Hopefully you don't run into a big patch! Thanks for your work.
  4. I posted previously that in 2020 we did a training for farmer's market managers in collaboration with MDARD. I am now working with MIFMA, the state's professional organization for farmer's market managers to get the word out to the entire state about invasive species that might show up at farmer's markets. If you have any interest on collaborating to develop some of these materials please let me know! I'll be setting up a virtual time to meet soon.
  5. I'm also interested in advice/learning about billboards from those who have done it!
  6. Links to new training modules as well as most recent species training module: http://www.misin.msu.edu/train/MISIN/datacollection/index.html http://www.misin.msu.edu/train/MISIN/treatmenttracker/index.html https://www.misin.msu.edu/train/species/SpottedLanternfly Help Page with additional documentation: https://www.misin.msu.edu/help/
  7. Here is the MISGP Core Funding presentation. MISGP Core Funding Presentation.pdf
  8. Here is a copy of slides for the U.S. Forest Service update on the morning of 1/20. MISC 2021_USFS Partners Funding_20210120.pdf
  9. During today's discussions at the Funding Tips and Tricks breakout, there were questions about how permanent-nut-grant-dependent positions were advertised. In the "compensation" portion, I just have this line: "The [position] is a full-time, salaried position for the duration of the grant ([end date]), with the possibility of extension if continued funding is obtained."
  10. If anyone would be available to guide me on how the SB-CISMA could get the ball rolling on posting billboards, I would appreciate it! I have a very large area and would like to advertise. PCG/AIS Boater/DMF/CDD included! Thank you!
  11. Here is the language for Part 413 of NREPA that Sue and Phyllis will talk about. mcl-451-1994-III-2-1-WILDLIFE-CONSERVATION-413.pdf
  12. Any updates for the most effective Swallowwort eradication? We discovered it on our property last fall. It was a small patch so I dug up root crown and disposed. We have 100+acres so I know there must be more out there. I want to have a plan in place for the spring. A consultant recommended full strength Triclopyr with full strength glyphosate. Thank you in advance!
  13. Here are two documents I'll reference during my part of the CISMA leadership breakout session. The Orientation document includes links to our CISMA's MOU and Bylaws, which can also be found on our website: https://oaklandinvasivespecies.org/join-cisma/ The Relevant Parties spreadsheet is an example of how to define the roles of Coordinator/Fiduciary/Partner Group etc. which can be especially helpful early on, or when changing to a new fiduciary. OC CISMA new member materials_forMISC.docxRelevantParties_Worksheet.xlsx
  14. CISMA Coordinator Guide-Updated.pdf
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  16. Here are three resources I'll be referencing and screen-sharing during my portion of the "Tips and Tricks for Managing Funding" concurrent session (B1). Budget and salary map examples are attached, match tracking is a view-only (feel free to save a copy) Google Sheet. budget_example.xlsx salarymap_example.xlsx
  17. The Michigan Invasive Species Coalition's annual meeting will be held virtually January 19-20. Please use this thread to post any information or documents from the sessions that may be helpful for other CISMAs!
  18. Please see the attached job description. Applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis with a start date of Feb. 1! OC_CISMA_OutreachTechnician_JobDescription_Final.pdf
  19. Provided by: Drew Rayner NY_InvasivePlantDecisionAnalysisTool_Version 1.1_06-28-11.pdf
  20. Provided by: Drew Rayner ManagementPrioritiesforInvasiveNon-nativePlants.pdf
  21. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA Spill Discovery Reporting Form 2018.docx
  22. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA Pesticide Spill Procedure 2018.docx
  23. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA PDMP 2018.doc
  24. Created by: Drew Rayner WMCISMA Adverse Incident Response Procedure 2018.docx
  25. Created by: Drew Rayner Pest Management Area_Specific.pdf
  26. Created by: Drew Rayner Pest Management Area_Specific Water.pdf
  27. Created by: Drew Rayner Pest Management Area_General.pdf
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