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  1. The Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework (PAMF) is a new strategy for managing non-native Phragmites in the Great Lakes basin that provides the opportunity for land managers to benefit from adaptive management. For more information, please visit our webpage: www.greatlakesphragmites.net/pamf and / or watch this short video: https://www.usgs.gov/media/videos/phragmites-adaptive-management-framework-pamf PAMF will be ready for first-year participants in July. To support our first year participants we have scheduled a number of PAMF training sessions around the basin throughout the month of July. If you intend to participate in PAMF, I ask that you to register to one of these sessions so you can meet other PAMF participants from your area, learn the protocols, and pick up your free PAMF field kit that contains field equipment for monitoring and the written protocols. We do have a limited number of kits this year, please do not wait very long. Key actions for you: · Register to one of the training sessions listed below. Please ensure one form is completed for each person attending from your organization. · If the session you would like to attend has yet to be confirmed, I appreciate your patience and I should have some updates soon. · If you absolutely cannot attend a session but intend to participate in PAMF this year, please let me know ASAP. · Please do not broadly forward this information. We would like to try to reserve these training sessions for first year participants interested in helping us through our inaugural year. Our first year participants should be willing to play an important role in the development of PAMF. Your feedback on the instructions, functionality of the web hub / website, and overall experience will allow us to improve the user-experience for all future participants. Please contact me with questions or comments. If you are not planning to participate in PAMF, but would like to attend one of these sessions to learn more about how PAMF will work please let me know. FYI the PAMF website has been updated: www.greatlakesphragmites.net/pamf. Kindest regards, Karen Alexander Senior Program Specialist Coastal Conservation and Habitat Restoration Great Lakes Commission 2805 S. Industrial Hwy., Suite 100 Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6791 Tel.: 734-971-9135 www.glc.org PAMF Training Sessions: Please register to only one Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, June 28, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/z1jixm560k2ay46/ University of Green Bay, Green Bay, Wisconsin, July 11, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/z11v6k8007i6wi3/ Upper Thames Valley Conservation Authority, City of London, Ontario July 12, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/z1x2n68a08b1lql/ Quanicassee State Wildlife Area, Essexville, Michigan, July 17, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/zl76wlf0xkqwc6/ Point Moulliee State Game Area, Rockwood, Michigan July 18, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/z6rjqlx1dt83ux/ Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, Ohio, July 19, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/zmrl0g31om016f/ Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Ohio, July 20, 2017 Register here: https://greatlakescommission.wufoo.com/forms/z1x9aiwc1kfyvup/ Pending locations: Simcoe County, SE Georgian Bay shoreline, Ontario (Tentative Dates: July 10 or 11) NW Lake Michigan shoreline, Indiana
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