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  1. Please see the attached posting for CAKE CISMA coordinator in Bellaire, MI. Responses should be submitted by October 16. Copy of CAKE CISMA Coordinator Position revised 10-09-18.pdf
  2. To follow up on this... Do any of the other CISMA's have experience in managing/treating Eurasian Watermilfoil? If so, what methods have you tried? CAKE CISMA was invited to the table on a project trying to manage EWM in the Crooked River near Petoskey. We received proposals from a couple professional environmental consulting companies to perform an herbicide treatment with follow up treatments in subsequent years. Recently we've had one individual from the Emmet Conservation District raise massive concerns over the use of herbicides in this treatment. I know there are a few alternatives to chemical control, but I had assumed they weren't viable or feasible in this scenario. I personally don't even know of a company that does Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) of EWM in Michigan. Have any other CISMA's used DASH, or other methods aside from herbicide, that they could share some insight on?
  3. The CAKE CISMA is seeking applicants for an invasive species strike team for the 2018 field season. Two positions are available, one crew leader and one technician. These are seasonal positions, working up to 40 hours/week for up to 28 weeks (7 months). Primary responsibilities include working under the supervision of the CAKE CISMA Coordinator to manage terrestrial invasive plants throughout the CAKE service region. Managing invasive species will be done through the use of multiple treatment methods including manual and chemical treatments as well as surveying and prioritizing infested sites. Compensation: $10-12/hr (Technician), $14-16/hr (Crew Leader) Application Deadline: March 19, 2018 Please visit the CAKE CISMA webpage at the Antrim Conservation District website to view the full job postings.
  4. Thank you! Sorry for posting in the wrong sub-forum, I didn't scroll down far enough to notice there was a MISIN support forum.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I've been attempting to do a bulk upload of my data to MISIN, but I'm running into some issues. The email address listed in the bulk upload instruction document is report@misin.msu.edu. When trying to email my spreadsheet to this email address I receive an error that the address could not be reached and therefore the email could not be delivered. After this failure I attempted to email info@misin.msu.edu to see if I had just used an incorrect email address. I received the same errors and failure. So I am wondering if MISIN has a working email system and I just have outdated/incorrect addresses, or if there is a better way for me to do a bulk upload of my data. Any help would be super appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, Due to CAKE CISMA not having a strike team, I'm having to solicit bids from contractors for herbicide application. The problem that I am currently running into is...I'm just not familiar with what contractors are available to do this kind of work in Michigan. I was wondering if anyone else here has a list of contractors they've worked with, or could recommend? The companies I've attempted to get bids from so far are located, I believe, in the West Michigan area (GEI Consultants, Black River Habitats, Cardno). I'd be curious to see what other options are available to me, whether from the West, East or Northern sides of the LP. In fact, I think it would be extremely helpful to compile a list of contractors known to handle invasive species treatment, and put it in a single forum thread. Maybe even making it a Sticky/Pinned Post at the top of this subforum. I'd be happy to start compiling such a list in this thread if people want to share their info with me! Thanks!
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