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  1. I am reaching out to my fellow CISMA people to hear about unique games or activities that have been successful in engaging specific audiences. I've seen a corn-hole type game where the bags represent seeds of native/invasive plants and the board is fertile soil. I've considered trivia-style activities for more adult groups. I've also debated modifying a "Plinko" style game to engage people but the educational relationship seems forced. Two creative classroom activities I've stumbled upon are: https://bb.myips.org/cms/lib8/IN01906626/Centricity/Domain/8123/Invasive_Species_Game_Lesson.pdf and http://kbsgk12project.kbs.msu.edu/blog/2012/03/19/invasive-species-game/ I feel it is sometimes a struggle to balance educational with interesting. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations I would love to hear them! Thanks.
  2. I have not seen in personally but I know that it is wise to assume that it might come back. Just as Nor said, a strong stressor can cause a temporary retreat for a year or two (there are reports of a three year retreat in the UK). I would also inspect last years growth for signs of infection that may have aided. Or Perhaps someone came in and treated without the homeowner knowing? This is interesting indeed. Studying the oddballs are always interesting and sometimes key to finding new tactics. Please keep us posted!
  3. I am currently looking at different herbicide injector devices to best treat Japanese Knotweed. Does anyone have any recommendations for a supplier and what types of needles to buy? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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