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  1. Attached are the documents from the 2019 Summer Field Trip to include all of the notes taken by Ryan. In addition to the notes, Claire provided the following links for help with MISIN treatment tracker. Feel free to let Nick Cassel or myself know if you have any questions. https://forum.michiganinvasives.org/index.php?/topic/2289-misin-treatment-tracker-merging-polygons http://www.misin.msu.edu/files/docs/treatment_help.pdf Group work NOTES.docx CISMA_summer_training_8_2019.pdf DAY 2 MGMT WRAP UP and DATA.pptx DNR UP CISMA Training Aug2019.pdf Group work NOTES.docx HERBICIDE_APPLICATION_PREP.pptx Invasive knotweed ID - short.pdf Invasive knotweed ID.pdf MAPPINGandSURVEYING_notes.pptx
  2. We have been using a 4% foliar of Garlon 3A. In areas where it is growing up a lot of trees and other vegetation, we followed the stems to the ground and done a cut stump treatment to reduce non target impacts.
  3. I did recently present to Frederick Meijer Gardens staff. Like Katie, we are still in the beginning stages of these relationship. We met with them to talk about invasives and current concerns in the area. They are very open to working with us and want to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss how we may be able to work together to address invasives on their property in the future (They are interested in doing treatments themselves, letting strike team staff doing treatments, and want to look into volunteer work days where we could provide volunteers and equipment). After the meeting, we walked a portion of the property with one of the area leads and talked about the invasives present and how to possibly get rid of them and they were very much on board. Unfortunately, it is going to be a two year process to do because they need to plant something in this year to start to fill the area so there is not a big hole in their landscape, but at least its getting done and they are prioritizing this work.
  4. Welcome to the West Michigan CISMA discussion area. If you have any question, let us know. Also, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WMCISMA
  5. Had a couple JK pictures that I thought people might want for presentations or outreach. There are four pictures of JK growing up into someones basement and one picture of JK growing under someones siding and coming out at the top of the house. The last picture is of a JK leaf that we found on a patch that was treated last year. It appears two leaves have fused together to make a cup with a third leaf growing in the middle. Thoughts on this?
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