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  1. Hello! I wanted to share these upcoming opportunities to learn about aquatic plant identification, sampling and lake ecology! One is occurring on the west side of the LP, in Grand River Park on July 9th and the other is in Oakland Co. on July 23rd. The July 9th event, put on by the Stewardship network, will be lead by MNFI's Phyllis Higgman and some other guest instructors (hint: I am one of them!). The July 23rd event, hosted by MSU Extension and Oakland Co. Parks, is MDARD pesticide applicator credit applicable (so neato!). Registration is required for both events. Please share with whoever you think would be interested and if you have any further questions contact me, Angela at depalmad@msu.edu. Thanks! Aquatic Invasives flyer_July 9th.pdf Investigating_Lake_Workshop_Program_Details_2016_July 23rd.pdf
  2. Great news Jo! So far the Exotic Aquatic Plant Data from the 2015 lakes has been submitted and entered into MISIN! The species on the EAPW watch list are Eurasian-water milfoil, Starry Stonewort, Curly leaf pondweed and Hydrilla -- but all enrolled EAPW participants were provided with and made aware of the Statewide AIS plant list. Pretty soon the 2014 and 2013 data will be uploaded and added to the MISIN site too!
  3. Hi Noah, great question! There are currently several labs in the Michigan & N. Indiana area that use eDNA in invasive species detection. Which species specifically were you looking for information about; some lab are currently working with Asian Carp (Notre Dame in the Lodge lab) and some are working with Zebra Mussels, Quagga Mussels & gobies and Spiny water flea (Syed Hashsham's environmental engineering lab at Michigan State). I am sure there are others, but those are the only ones that come to mind right now and that might be a start for you.
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