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Can Land Managers Control Japanese Knotweed? Lessons from Control Tests in Belgium

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Wasn't sure where to share this but I thought it was a great read!

Essentially they tried foliar spray, stem injection, and mechanical control on Japanese Knotweed and analyzed regrowth. For them, they found that stem injection with Glyphosate-based herbicides was the best in that nothing re-sprouted after one year (although stunted shoots appeared in year two after treatment). They also suggest that eradication might not be feasible but management is.

Keep in mind that herbicide rates are based on Belgium regulations.

Hope someone else finds this as interesting as I did.


Delbart et al 2012 environmental management.pdf

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The link didn't take me anywhere, but I am interested.

The latest I've heard is that glyphosate actually INCREASES/stimulates growth, and so does cutting or digging.

This plant also can "play dead" when cut/poisoned, focusing it's growth underground to try to "run away" from the attack.

I have also heard that eradication is not possible, so the focus is on control. My awareness focus is on PREVENTION since... as they say... "A stitch in time saves nine". Municipalities are unknowingly spreading it in fill dirt and soil moving for construction. Illegal dumping is spreading it to wild spaces.  It's a real problem and we have to act NOW to prevent what's happening in the UK.

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