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Herbicide Applicator Dauber Wands

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Shaun Howard of TNC asked me to join your group and post this:

When I used a couple different models of herbicide applicator dauber wand, I grew annoyed whenever it dripped on the ground or on my boots.  I experimented, and found a way to reduce that to near-zero.  And hold more herbicide.  And reduce me having to lean over when using it.  After some people asked for this, I posted it (and occaisionally update it) at www.ericpiehl.com/wand.pdf.

If you want to see the original designs, please see their attributions in section 1 "Document History".

Pretty good, but needs some work.  If you want to help with edits or improvements, or think of a better home for this document, please let me know!  In particular, it needs some serious review of labeling and pesticide applicator license requirements.  If you would review this, I would greatly appreciate it;  otherwise I will update the next time I go through the docs.

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