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Nor Serocki

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Here in the SW X SW Corner CISMA we're looking to start a program to have citizens and schools start monitoring trees through eyes on the forest. The biggest problem we're running into though is having groups measure DBH, since D-tapes can get pretty pricey, and aren't equipment most people have. We've come up with three solutions, but are wondering if you have any other suggestions! 

1.) For school groups, we are considering having teachers use a normal measuring tape to get circumference, then use this as an example to teach students geometric conversions. 

2.) Having the CISMA purchase a D-tape, then using this to mark ribbons with the pre-converted measures. We could include one of these ribbons in a "starter kit" for groups and land owners that sign up for the program. 

3.) Giving land owners a conversion chart for each integer measurement (which could cause rounding errors). 

What are your thoughts? Have you worked to start groups in the Eyes on the Forest monitoring? 

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Hey Nor,

Neat project idea! Just for my two cents, I'd say option 1 and 2 look like they'd give you the most accurate data returned to you. I also like that there is a great learning opportunity in Plan 1. 

We're currently not very active in Eyes on the Forest, but this is a good reminder to include that program in my outreach. I hope you have good feedback from your monitoring!

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