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Unknown small sedum(?)

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Hello, I'm looking for some help identifying a small plant that has taken over a fair few managed open areas (typically planted as "food plots") in Montmorency county. This is the second year it's been noticed, and there has been significant expansion (or we may just be paying closer attention). Does anyone have an idea of what this could be?




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Hi Shelby,

My first guess would be something like carolina geranium, which is an ag and turf weed that would fit your site conditions and area. Hopefully someone else will jump in quickly if I'm wrong! Here's a short website on it: https://blogs.msucares.com/turfgrass/2014/05/01/weed-of-the-week-carolina-geranium/ and there are lots of others, mostly recommending mowing and herbicide or strengthening the turf grass it might be growing in. It looks like you have a lot, so herbicide may be the way to go unless you are able to put more resources into mowing and heavy planting (it sounds like it's not very competitive with grasses if they're growing densely enough). Good luck!


Jennifer Muladore

Northeast MI CWMA

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The first, larger plant is likely a Potentilla--it's difficult to tell which without flowers.  The smaller, sedum-like flowers are something in the campion family (Caryophyllaceae), though it's difficult to tell which from the photos.

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