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Emily Anderson

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QGIS has been a hot topic lately, so let's use this area to share information about it!  As some of you know, WRISC has been using QGIS quite a bit over the last year.  This winter we will be creating some more detailed instructions on how we want our summer staff to use QGIS in data entry, but until then please enjoy this handout we made on QGIS and other free software for mapping.  http://www.wrisc.org/2015%20Documents/Documents/FREE%20Software%20Handout.pdf

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WRISC just came out with some extra QGIS instructions for those that are interested in using this software.  The attached handout has some general instructions/guidance as well as instructions for our summer staff on data entry with QGIS.  While the later portions are specific to WRISC's data management and files, they may still be useful to other groups looking for similar ways to manage invasive location and treatment data. 

WRISC QGIS Instructions 2016.pdf

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