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CISMAs Working with MAEAP: Suggestions needed

Nor Serocki

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I'm currently working with the MAEAP technicians in my area to prepare a presentation for the MAEAP track at next month's MACD conference on how CISMAs and MAEAP can work together.

How have your programs been complimentary?

What knowledge do you wish MAEAP techs could bring onto the farms the visit?

Which species do you think most impact growers in your area?

Are there ways we could work better together?

I would love to hear any success stories (or get success photos!), as well as any issues that we could work to solve!


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Nor, 

So far our CISMA has worked with MAEAP on a landowner forestry invasive species workshop- incredibly complimentary for both programs. It was a great way for the technician to provide a Phase 1 event and gather interest in the Forest, Wetland & Habitat system. It was really well attended for us, despite awful Spring weather this past season.

Past MAEAP techs have also reported locations of our priority invasive species to MISIN, as they are out and about visiting farms across their county.  

I look forward to what others post here, as we're looking to better incorporate a partnership with MAEAP into future events. 


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