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Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch - lake monitoring opportunity

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Hi everyone!

I'm excited to announce a change to the MiCorps Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch, which is part of the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program. 

In the past, participants in the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch, who learn to survey lakes for invasive plants in Michigan, were required to collect other water quality data regularly on the lake(s) they surveyed. We recognized that was a hurdle for some potential participants (both individuals and organizations), who were interested in invasive species but did not have the time or interest to collect water quality data too. 

Starting this year, there are no such requirements. 

The program is open to all, so if you or your organization is interested in monitoring invasives in one or more Michigan lakes, this is a great opportunity. The training has been recorded and is available online, and we'll answer your questions, provide support, confirm your identifications, and incorporate your finds into the MiCorps database and MISIN.

Enrollment is over May 10, so act now. It's $30/lake to join. 




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Exciting update - We're keeping enrollment in the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch open all summer. Lakes can sign up any time through August. The training video is available online, and once you're enrolled, you can dive right into surveying and reporting invasive species in Michigan lakes. 



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