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Social Media Outreach - Templates & Examples

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Attached are files containing social media outreach focused on invasive species and other environmental topics. Most of the templates are available on Canva. If you are interested in using / editing any of the designs, feel free to contact us! 

All of these materials were created between Oct. 1 2021 - Feb. 1 2022 using MISGP funding.

Beech leaf disease (1).png

Beech leaf disease 2.png


Hemlock forest benefits.png

Hemlock tree identification.png


HWA ID.png

HWA impacts.png

Invasive Species Laws in MI .png

Lakefront restoration.jpg

Oriental Bittersweet.png

seed cleaning workshop.jpg

Stop the spread of HWA.png

2021 Year in Review.png

2021 Year in Review.png

Buckthorn Common.png

Buckthorn Glossy.png

callery pear native alternatives.png

Callery pear.png

Callery pear-invasive species.png

Climate change and invasive species.png

Darwin Day 2022.png


Didymo Clean, Drain, Dry (2).png

Didymo impact (1).png


Do not release_AIS_outreach_101321.png

Eurasian collared dove.png

Festive Winter Party Holiday Flyer.png

Gypsy moth.png

Happy New Year 2022! .png

Happy Spring!.png


Identifying AIS.png

Impacts of WL.png

Instagram Post #1.png

InstagramTwitter 2021 Year in Review .png

International Forest day 2022!.png

Invasive species facts.png

Invasive species.png

Japanese Barberry .png

knotweed bicontrol webinar_2_11162021.png

knotweed bicontrol webinar_11162021.png

Multiflora Rose.png

NISAW 2022 .png

NISAW-Climate change.png


NISAW-day 5 fact.png


Oriental Bittersweet.png

Porcelain berry_FB outreach_102121.png

Reporting WL.png


World water day 2022.png


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Hey there! Your content truly resonates with me. The way you [specific action/aspect] is inspiring! It's refreshing to see such genuine [topic/interest] discussions. Keep up the fantastic work! I especially loved [mention a specific post, idea, or achievement]. Your dedication to [cause/industry] is admirable and impactful. I'd love to connect and learn more from your insights. Your creativity and passion shine through your posts, making them a constant source of motivation. Looking forward to more engaging content from you! Let's continue to share ideas and support each other's journeys. Keep shining bright!

Feel free to customize it further based on the specific platform or the individual you're reaching out to!

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