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  1. Tree of Heaven, maybe? http://www.michigan.gov/invasives/0,5664,7-324-68002_71240_73851-379878--,00.html
  2. This is what we bought: https://www.jkinjectiontools.com/shop/injection-systems-and-canisters/jk1000-injection-system/ Just got it yesterday, so no real experience yet, but a local landscaper uses one and has been happy. The owner of the company is really friendly and helpful too.
  3. Hi, I spoke with another CISMA person several months ago (sorry that I can't remember who it was!) who mentioned they have equipment/tools for invasive control that they lend out to landowners. I'd love to hear some more about this - how many groups are doing this, any issues that have come up, how you handle herbicide, do you charge/have people pay a deposit, etc... Any thoughts anyone has would be much appreciated! Erin (SW xSW Corner CISMA)
  4. Thanks for sharing the article - very interesting! I am FAR from an expert, but what I've read and heard is that it's the stem and root fragments that can re-sprout (and I've heard that fragments the size of a fingernail can resprout; which if true would mean mowing would be a great way to spread it around!)
  5. Last week the SW x SW Corner CISMA coordinated a Japanese Knotweed Symposium, and I wanted to share one of the handouts that we passed out to attendees on JK treatment methods and sprayer calibration. Huge thanks to all that shared their info (Katie Grzesiak, Leslie Kuhn and Ardie Roth) used to create the document, and special thanks to Leslie for a LOT of editing, input and and developing the sprayer calibration methods. Feel free to share! Erin JK treatment methods_sprayer calibration.pdf
  6. Perhaps water-pepper (Persicaria hydropiper)? http://michiganflora.net/species.aspx?id=2282 If not that, I think it's related - some kind of smartweed (Polygonum spp or Persicaria spp).
  7. Hi! Does anyone know of road commissions (or MDOT, drain commissions, municipalities, etc.) that have a progressive approach to managing Japanese Knotweed? I'm putting together a workshop for those types of folks and would love to include success stories from other parts of the state.
  8. Hi, I'm working with a community that is very excited to work on Japanese Knotweed problems; they're sending letters out to landowners advising them of problems with the plant and a list of contractors they can contact to treat it. They want my help developing that list, and want to make sure the contractors on the list know what they're doing (they're suspicious, as am I, that your average lawn chemical company won't be knowledgeable about the right timing, chemicals, etc.). I know the Stewardship Network has a list that's a good starting place (https://www.stewardshipnetwork.org
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