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  1. Hi! I was recently asked by a CISMA to create PowerPoint slides regarding the RIPPLE campaign and invasive species found in the pet and water garden industry. I imagine a lot of you do presentations to the public and you may find the slides useful as well. The slides cover a wide range of topics depending on the audience you are talking to. One great aspect of RIPPLE is that everyone can relate to a pet. RIPPLE focuses on proper containment and disposal of pets and aquatic plants. Since May 2016 I have been working with local pet and water garden retailers, educating them about proper containment and encouraging them to display educational materials for the public. If you are interested in learning more about RIPPLE and how you can be involved please reach out to me at filicepa@msu.edu. You can order free RIPPLE outreach materials here. Or better yet, share RIPPLE educational messages on Facebook at facebook.com/miripple or twitter #miripple. RIPPLE_Example_Slides_Oct 2016.pptx
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