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  1. Learn about Michigan’s lakes online from MSU Extension The Michigan State University Extension Introduction to Lakes online course is being offered January 2021 and registration is now open! This nationally recognized six-week course is in a convenient self-paced online format and is designed for lake users, lakefront property owners, and professionals who want to improve their understanding of lakes and their protection and management. Over 700 people have participated in the class since it was first offered online in 2015. The online format allows you to have week-by-week, 24/7 ac
  2. Hi! I was recently asked by a CISMA to create PowerPoint slides regarding the RIPPLE campaign and invasive species found in the pet and water garden industry. I imagine a lot of you do presentations to the public and you may find the slides useful as well. The slides cover a wide range of topics depending on the audience you are talking to. One great aspect of RIPPLE is that everyone can relate to a pet. RIPPLE focuses on proper containment and disposal of pets and aquatic plants. Since May 2016 I have been working with local pet and water garden retailers, educati
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