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Ryan Koziatek

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Recently, the North American Botanic Garden Strategy For Plant Conservation: 2016-2020 was distributed to "plant advocates" throughout countries of the respective international region. http://northamericanplants.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/NAGSPC.pdf

The plan encourages botanical gardens and other similar organizations to support the North American Strategy in many ways including: "Promote awareness, adaptation, and mitigation principles regarding climate change and invasive species"

The plan references invasive species on pages 11, 18, and 25 - 26.

Page 11: B5 - Botanic gardens will increase their roles in the management and control of invasive species and in raising public awareness of invasive species issues. An elaboration on B5 can be found on pages 25-26. 

It seems that the door for collaboration with botanical gardens is wide open. Anyone know of any current collaborations between CISMAs and botanical gardens? 

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I did recently present to Frederick Meijer Gardens staff. Like Katie, we are still in the beginning stages of these relationship. We met with them to talk about invasives and current concerns in the area. They are very open to working with us and want to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss how we may be able to work together to address invasives on their property in the future (They are interested in doing treatments themselves, letting strike team staff doing treatments, and want to look into volunteer work days where we could provide volunteers and equipment).

After the meeting, we walked a portion of the property with one of the area leads and talked about the invasives present and how to possibly get rid of them and they were very much on board. Unfortunately, it is going to be a two year process to do because they need to plant something in this year to start to fill the area so there is not a big hole in their landscape, but at least its getting done and they are prioritizing this work. 

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