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Shaun Howard

Requests for a CISMA/CWMA cookbook

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One of the notes I had from our Annual Meeting was to request more input on anything that should be added to the cookbook Katie G. is working on.  This is the place for it, post all your ideas!

- What would have been good to know when your CISMA was first forming?

- What have you had to figure out along the way that there should be a template for?

- Anything else?

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It's true, I'm chugging away at a draft from the notes from our sessions at the MISC Annual Meeting right now, but I'm always looking for more questions and information to populate it.

Current topics include:

  • CISMAs intro (& MI vs. the west)
  • Overall Structure (Chair, Coordinator, Steering Committee, Sub-Committees)
  • Partners (attracting, communication)
  • Funding
  • Outreach (how to talk about CISMAs, where to get info)
  • Crews & Strike Teams
  • Pesticide use info (certifications, PABLs, etc.)

I also have a lovely list of other materials folks would like to see in the Knowledge Base that I'll work to populate.

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