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  1. See posting here: Additional details can be found at www.nature.org/careers - use the map to navigate to Frankfort, MI (NW Lower Peninsula) and click on the pin to apply.
  2. The Nature Conservancy in Michigan is currently hiring a seasonal crew of one crew leader and six crew members to carry out freshwater dune system restoration via terrestrial invasive plant control in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore area of Northwest Lower Michigan. This crew will work with staff from the National Park Service at Sleeping Bear and other regional conservation partners from May 14 through August 16, 2018 and will be based out of a seasonal field office in Frankfort. Interested applicants may apply at www.nature.org/careers (use the interactive map viewer to locate Frankfort, MI and click on the pin to view the postings and apply). Any questions may be directed to our Coastal Restoration Coordinator, Kaldis Grants, at kaldis.grants@tnc.org Dune Restoration Specialist_(Crew Member)_Profile.docx Dune Restoration Specialist_(Crew Leader)_Profile.docx
  3. Hello all WM CISMA and WM Conservation Network partners! Please see the link below for downloading the newest version of the strategic plan that was discussed at our October partner meeting: If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks as always for the support and input toward the development of this document.
  4. As described in the 2016 MISGP Handbook, CISMAs applying for funding will receive 20 additional points if their project proposal includes the development or implementation of a strategic plan. Attached at the bottom of this post (and also located in forum Downloads) is an example of such a plan developed by the Michigan Invasive Species Coalition. In very general terms, a strategic plan should align clear focus at a high level on desired goals and outcomes, and then more explicitly define the strategies (and associated activities) that would be used to achieve those goals and outcomes. In other words, a rough strategic plan outline would look like this: 1. Goals (why you want to carry out the work; the highest level "desired condition" if all work is implemented and outcomes are achieved) 2. Outcomes (what you hope to accomplish in a longer-term timeframe; not quarterly updates, but rather the 1-5 year results of work) 3. Strategies (what are the collective set of activities you will employ to reach your outcomes) 4. Activities (the specific items that, when carried out within the framework of a particular strategy, which will achieve your desired outcomes) While this format has been used successfully in the past, please note that it is by no means the "required format" for an organizational strategic plan. I would suggest when developing new (or reviewing existing) guidance documents, ask yourself if it clearly defines "where you want to go", "why you want to go there", and "how you plan to do it". Further questions/discussion welcome in this thread! MISC SP v6.docx
  5. One of the notes I had from our Annual Meeting was to request more input on anything that should be added to the cookbook Katie G. is working on. This is the place for it, post all your ideas! - What would have been good to know when your CISMA was first forming? - What have you had to figure out along the way that there should be a template for? - Anything else?
  6. As coordinator of this "CISMA" (can I call our Alliance that?) I wanted to offer a few things that would be helpful starting points for those interested in more detail on our coastal restoration efforts. Attached to this post is an MDA fact sheet that gives a good overview of our invasive plant control to date and an insert that ran in the TNC magazine with some info and Q&A from me. I would also offer Nature.org/Dunes and Conservation Gateway - Eastern Lake Michigan for more details on the work. If you are interested in learning more, post up in this thread. I will add additional topics to this subforum as necessary. 2015 ELM Fact Sheet.pdf 2015 June July Nature Magazine Insert.pdf
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