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Inland lake early detection monitoring

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Hi folks, 

Michigan DEQ is making plans to yet again sample inland lakes across the state for AIS early detection. We'll be sampling 20 lakes in 2018 and seeking inputs on high risk waterbodies to survey. If you are aware of any in your areas please let us know. We certainly value your local input. If you do suggest a lake(s), please tell us why you're recommending it to be sampled. 

When we do have the final site list together I'll get it posted so you are aware of any monitoring in your area. And please feel free to join us on a survey!

-Bill Keiper

Aquatic Biologist, MDEQ 


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Survey method includes complete lake-wide shoreline meander and snorkeling at about 5 locations as well as boat launches.  We're targeting submerged, floating, and emergent invasive plants but native plant communities are also noted.  Also, observations are made recording invasive fish, mollusks, and crayfish; although, targeted sampling using traps or other gear for these taxa is not conducted.

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