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Road / Drain Commission Decontamination

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We are wondering, what other CISMAs around the state are doing / promoting to road and drain commissions for decontaminating their equipment?

Are you enforcing this protocol? If so, how?

What equipment is best used for mobile decontamination of mowers / excavators / trucks?

Have there been any suggestions to make this practice easier to implement so it is widely adopted?




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Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network (ISN) has been working on this a bit over the past few years, and it's (very unfortunately) fallen on the back burner.  We usually start with sharing the DNR Protocols and tips & tricks.  Personal experience has taught me that compressed air and a broom works really well... as long as the equipment/debris is dry.  We also try to impress on folks that even a little decontamination is better than nothing, so if all they can carry with is a long-handled broom, great!  We feel like getting folks started with decontamination is the right place to be; once they're used to doing something, we can up the ante a bit and go for BETTER practices.

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