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Access...Did anyone else have the same idea?

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I am with WePIC and handle a lot of the pesticide and reporting data in Excell. Excell was ok for a while but now with so many years of data and so many sites, I am thinking Access is the way to go.  I took a class on it in college and have a basic knowledge of the program, but I have only ever used it for mailing lists. I started today attempting to create an Access Database that can keep track of all of my sites, each treatment, and hopefully calculate automatically how much herbicide was used, based off of the total volume of spray mix applied and the percentage of the active ingredient in each herbicide we use, and also rate per acre. I am currently crafting the drop downs for types of treatment and herbicide active ingredients. Needless to say, I am feeling a little out of my league, and wondering if someone else thought about using Access rather than Excell as we have been doing for seven years. Did someone else craft an Acess database for this task? Are you willing to share? Any tip's ect.... Plus tips on crafting the formulas for the pesticide stuff, normally I use a calculator....

Thank you,


Jen Ricker Feak

My email is IronBaragaCD@gmail.com

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