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  1. Thanks, Ryan! It seems at least some of these contacts are out of date, any idea where the new/updated map lives on the MDARD website?
  2. Kalamazoo Nature Center also sells the beetles, we are planning to get an order this year. But you need to pick them up, so that may not be the best option for your location.
  3. Great, thanks for sharing this, Nor and Fallon! Did you hand out ID guides or anything during the plant ID part? I'm always curious what guides people are using. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I know what Leslie's been up to with flowering rush in Oakland County, but have any other CISMAs tried any of the chemical treatments for flowering rush and found them to be effective? We are receiving more reports, including some in ditches near road ways and the edges of lakes/boat launches so just trying to get a better idea of the options. Thanks! Erica
  5. Thanks, Katie! We're going to do at least some initial tests for Michigan to confirm the types we have. The DNA tests might also be able to tell us how many separate introductions/populations there are, which might be helpful. I'm hoping we can have this straightened out soon so that we would be able to verify the correct variety for anyone participating in the biocontrol study.
  6. Hi all, Has anyone done DNA tests on knotweed to determine whether it is Japanese, Bohemian or Giant? I'm working with an Oakland University professor on this and just curious if anyone has tried it before in Michigan. Let me know if so! Also curious once we determine which varieties are present in our area whether the treatment effectiveness may vary depending on the variety. Any insights appreciated, thanks!
  7. Hi Renee, I'm not sure about management, but have you talked with Scott Tiegs of Oakland University about jumping worms? He's done some research on them.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone asked their CISMA members/partners for monetary contributions to help support events and other activities the CISMA puts on that fall outside of grant funding? We are piloting this now so I'd be curious to hear any success or push-back with that kind of member funding. Best, Erica Clites
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