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  1. I have been developing a simple invasive species curriculum and would like to make it available to all. It is a nice tool to have when going into schools or teaching stand-alone lessons to children. I have also found it to be easy to change depending on the age group you are presenting to! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have - ecook@gtcd.org or (231)941-0960 x20. *Please note that some of the activities the curriculum refers to can be found on our website: https://www.habitatmatters.org/education.html Invasive Species Curriculum.pdf Invasive Species Curriculum PowerPoint.pptx
  2. Thanks for sharing, Shelby! I have posted it on our website too. Good luck!
  3. Hi Vicki, I already sent you what ISN has available but for others, I created an invasive species curriculum that can be found on ISN's website. It includes a general lesson plan that can be adapted for both indoor/outdoor use and various age levels. I will try and upload the actual files to the forum as well. This is a great topic to discuss as I'm always looking for new ideas as well! I'll be looking forward to seeing what others have done.
  4. Oops, spoke too soon and found it myself. For anyone else curious... Reg. 637, Rule 4 [R285.637.4(l)] requires the name of the licensed application firm and either the address or telephone number or USDOT census number, printed or affixed to the exterior of the vehicle used to transport a pesticide, and legible, visible, and in typeface 3 inches or higher.
  5. Thanks, Drew! Katie also mentioned some rules from MDARD regarding appropriate "signage" when treating - especially when it comes to how vehicles should be identified. I'm looking for more info/parameters on this to ensure ISN is up to snuff. Can you or anyone point me in the right direction?
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